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Hi my name is magic and I am an ex racehorse.  I was bought as a yearling at the Magic Millions Sales in Queensland for lots of dollars, I learned how to run really fast in races and my humans won lots of money for it which made them very happy.  One day I hurt my leg and couldn’t run until it got better, I had a holiday, moved to NSW and started running again.  It wasn’t long until I hurt my other leg, this time in WA.  The People decided I shouldn’t do races anymore cos I wouldn’t be able to win with sore legs.  I was 4 years old and I think they were going to send me away somewhere not nice when a nice lady came and saved me.  She took me home and made my legs better.  Now I eat grass all day long with my friends…..  Sometimes we have races around the paddock but no one cares if I win (for the record, I always win).


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