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The Greener Pastures Sanctuary Story

Set on 100 acres of beautiful and blissful countryside in Waroona, Western Australia; Greener Pastures Sanctuary is a family-run Sanctuary for animals who have been neglected, abandoned, mistreated, abused and rescued from slaughter. It’s a place where animals get to really live, where they’re loved just as much as any pet. They’ll never be sold for food or fashion. Instead, they spend their days helping around the house, celebrating their birthdays, bathing in the mud and showing the other animals who really rules the roost!

A word from our CEO & real life animal hero, Rachael Parker....

Dave, Phoenix, Aurora and I, along with 170 rescued animals, call Greener Pastures Sanctuary home.

After a 9 year career in veterinary nursing and having the opportunity, through work, to help a small number of farm animals, it was decided we would move to a bigger property and dedicate our lives to helping them.

Greener Pastures Sanctuary came to be in March 2013 - we rescue farm animals predominately, but also have cats, dogs, rabbits, galahs and foxes in our care.


As well as providing animals with a loving, safe environment we also encourage people to visit the animals, hear their stories and make kinder food choices. We have a few dedicated volunteers and committee members who make it possible for me to run the sanctuary, care for the animals and our 2 young children Phoenix and Aurora who are 8 and 5 years old. Despite being so young, they find joy in helping with chores, especially when we have young animals in the house who require around the clock care. Phoenix and Aurora can be seen bottle feeding lambs in the kitchen, cuddling many of our 60 roosters, kissing Kristoff the turkey, grooming our rescued race horses or snuggling up in the hay barn with some of our 21 rescued pigs.


Phoenix and Aurora fully understand why we do what we do and why we are vegan. They love caring for the animals and have very close and caring relationships with many of them. They love showing tour groups around and give many ‘city kids’ the confidence to get dirty and interact with animals they may never have been around. Dave and I have been vegan since 2009 and the kids since birth. Dave has successfully completed in multiple triathlons and regularly promotes the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle as well as helping with maintenance of the property as well as growing, cutting and bailing our hay each year.


So far running the sanctuary has been mentally, physically and financially challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. As a registered charity, we rely on the kindness of animal lovers, fellow rescuers, and generous donors to help keep the Sanctuary running for our animals. Being able to give these amazing and beautiful animals a life worth living and having the opportunity to change the way people think and feel about farm animals is what keeps us ploughing on every single day - rain, hail or shine.

We hope that those who visit our little slice of animal bliss leave having made a connection with at least one of our animals. We hope that people learn the true faces of their choices and through this understanding endeavour to make kinder choices in their day to day lives.



Rachael Parker

Founder and CEO of Greener Pastures Sanctuary

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