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The Residents

Greener Pastures Sanctuary is currently home to over

160 rescued animals of many different species, including:

  • pigs

  • cows

  • sheep

  • goats

  • alpacas

  • chickens

  • ducks

  • turkeys

  • geese

  • horses

  • dogs

  • cats

  • galahs

  • foxes

Each resident has a different tale to tell and each is an individual with a personality to boot. Through our tours and events we aim to show people each animal's distinct uniqueness, as well as how they can help change animals lives for the better everyday.

We regularly share animal stories through our social media channels including Facebook and Instagram. Be sure you're following us to keep up to date with the animal antics that is GPS!

Also - don't forget to check out how you can become a Greener Pastures Guardian!

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