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Leave a Bequest

By leaving a bequest you will be leaving a legacy of goodwill and of kindness. Every single dollar Greener Pastures Sanctuary receives goes directly to the rescued animals in our care. Furthermore, your bequest allows us to build infrastructure such as secure fencing, rooster enclosures and shelters - all crucial to ensuring we can continue to help animals in need.

Your bequest to Greener Pastures Sanctuary can take one of the following forms:

  • a bequest of a specified percentage of your estate; OR

  • a residual bequest - a gift of the remainder/residue of your estate after distribution to other persons or organisations named in your will; OR

  • a bequest of a specific amount of money

If you wish to make a bequest to Greener Pastures Sanctuary please see the below details you will need:

Greener Pastures Sanctuary Inc.
Registered Charity
ABN: 59 524 020 766
PO Box 54 Waroona WA 6215

As Wills must comply with legal requirements, we strongly recommend that anyone considering bequests seek legal advice.

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