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A Greener Pastures Sanctuary sponsorship is a once off donation gift you can give to a loved one or keep for yourself! Your sponsorship helps cover the cost of things that make me our rescued friends really happy like food, shelter and lovely cosy bedding!

Choose from:

  • Magic: one of our most handsome horses who was rescued from the horse racing industry
  • Jolly: our biggest piggo boy, with a kind heart and wobbly legs
  • Tiny: a stoic little rooster who was surrendered as his voice was too loud for suburbia
  • Levy: a once orphaned lamb who was found on the side of the road being pecked by crows - ouch! (don't worry, he's big, strong and very loved now!)
  • Pixie: a very sweet heifer who was born at the sanctuary after her mum was saved from slaughter just a month prior
  • Daffodil: one of our cheekiest goats who was rescued from a farm stay where she had been mistreated
  • Vinny: another cheeky goat! Vinny was found orphaned on the side of the road heading up to Coral Bay! He made the big trip to GPS and has been here since he was 3 weeks old.
  • Choc: our very first alpaca friend! Choc found her way to us after her owners became too old to care for her.


Sponsorship packs aren’t personalised, but if you would like them to be sent to a friend or family member, please pop their details in the ‘shipping details’. If you would like a digital file, please check out our digital sponsorships!

Animal Sponsorships (physical)

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