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My name is chocolate, choc for short and I am the Sanctuary’s first Alpaca friend.  My human was very old and couldn’t care for me and my friends anymore so we had to find new homes, I was the last one to find a home I think because one of my back legs didn’t work… I just dragged it along behind me!  When I arrived at the Sanctuary I lived in a yard and was told to rest, if my leg didn’t get better I was going to have surgery, I don’t know what that is but it didn’t sound edible so I probably wouldn’t have liked it.

Anyway, after being very good at resting my leg it got better so now I live in the big paddock with my sheep and goat friends. Whenever the human has orphaned animals I help her to look after them, they say I’m a natural born protector.  It’s the least I can do for the nice people who care for me.



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