Meet Levy

Hi, I’m Levy I am writing to say thank-you so very much for considering being my sponsor. I’ve heard that the money you have donated will go towards things that make me very happy like food, shelter and lovely cosy bedding. I bet my momma sheep would be so happy I’m living at the sanctuary and that so many people love me! You see, my momma fell from a big scary truck, I was born on the side of the road and she wouldn’t wake up. A nice man picked me up and saved me and eventually I ended up with my human mum. She fed me from a bottle, let me sleep inside and we volunteered together for Stop Live Exports. When I grow up I decided to make some sheep friends (mum said it would be good for me), and I decided I liked them better than going out and about. Now my job is to say hi to people when they come and visit, show them that us sheep aren’t so different from your pets at home. I love Weetbix and a good back scratch (it gets itchy under all that wool you know!) and sometimes I like to play bunties…even tho it’s a bit naughty.

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