Meet Daffodil

Hi I'm Daffodil! I haven’t always lived at the sanctuary, a nice family found me when they were on the holidays at the farm stay where I lived. I admit I'm a bit cheeky, but hey, I'm a goat! At my old home I was tied up, the people there called me naughty and I don't think they liked me very much. When a nice family found me, I wasn't feeling so good, I was hungry and thirsty but whenever I tried to swallow I would cough a lot. The nice family realised that my rope was really tight around my neck and was cutting into my skin; it hurt a lot and made me sad. I was right, the people at my old home didn't want me which is good because now I get to live in a big paddock with lots and lots of friends. I'm still pretty cheeky but the nice people around here just laugh at me. Thanks for sponsoring me, your kind donation will help pay for my food, shelter and medical expenses.


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